Phil Kline’s


Phil Kline's public sound sculpture Unsilent Night is created when many individuals simultaneously play one of four tracks on cassette, mp3, or mobile devices, and blast each through a roving swarm of boomboxes and speakers carried through city streets. Here are some guidelines on how to participate.

Step 1:
Choose Your Instrument

Bring A Boombox

Capable of playing cassette or hooking up to smartphone/mp3 player

Bring Portable Speakers

Hooked up to smartphone/mp3 player

Invent Your Own Sound Rig

Laptops, speakers on wagon, megaphones
the louder the better!

Step 2:
Get One of the Four Tracks

Analog Cassette

Some city organizers hand out a limited number of cassettes. Contact your local organizer for more details.

Download A Sound File

Pick one .mp3 file:
Track 1 | Track 2 | Track 3 | Track 4

Download The Mobile App

Choose your app store:
Apple iOS | Android

Livestream Audio via Soundcloud

Requires 3G/LTE or WiFi connection during event

Step 3:
Share Your Photos and Videos


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