Phil Kline’s


Phil Kline's public sound sculpture Unsilent Night is created when many individuals simultaneously play one of four tracks on cassette, CD, mp3, or mobile devices, and blast each through a roving swarm of boomboxes and speakers carried through city streets. Here are some guidelines on how to participate.

Step 1:
Choose Your Instrument

Bring A Boombox

Capable of playing cassette/CD or hooking up to smartphone/mp3 player

Bring Portable Speakers

Hooked up to smartphone/mp3 player

Invent Your Own Sound Rig

Laptops, speakers on wagon, megaphones
the louder the better!

Step 2:
Get One of the Four Tracks

Analog Cassette or CD

City organizers at each event will hand out a limited number of individual tracks. Contact your local organizer for details.

Download A Sound File

Pick one .mp3 file:
Track 1 | Track 2 | Track 3 | Track 4

Download The Mobile App

Choose your app store:
Apple iOS | Android

Livestream Audio via Soundcloud

Requires 3G/LTE or WiFi connection during event

Step 3:
Share Your Photos and Videos


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